Kroma Productions proudly presents


A Music and Dance Film
An Interactive AR Experience

Music by one of the most admired composers of our time KAIJA SAARIAHO Script & direction by internationally awarded media artist & film director MARIKKI HAKOLA


MIRAGES is about the resources of human power. The protagonist contemplates a close relationship, the many different faces of love, and the sensation of senses, colours and feelings. She experiences the end of a relationship and its gradual transition into a remembrance. Her mind slowly broadens from individual experiences to the recognition of her own powers. She decides to shift her energies towards a greater, communal purpose.

MIRAGES is an exploration combining arts and technologies for creating a surprising and enchanting experience. The visualization is composed by using real-time virtual technology, wherein performers interact with motion capture animations. The result is an audience engaging immersive experience with real-time virtual staging.


Original Title Mirages
Duration 50 minutes
Original Languages French, English
Master Formats 4K / DCP
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1.
Premiere 2020
Production Company Kroma Productions Ltd.


  • A music and dance film for cinemas, television and online
  • An interactive AR/VR experience


Script & Direction Marikki Hakola
Music Kaija Saariaho
Poem Amin Maalouf, Maria Sabina
Visual Planning Marikki Hakola, Tanja Bastamow
Virtual Scenography Tanja Bastamow
Choreography Johanna Nuutinen
Soprano Riikka Hakola
Cello Jan-Erik Gustafsson
Piano Pami Karvonen
Dancers Jonna Aaltonen, Jarkko Lehmus, Heidi Lehtoranta, Johanna Nuutinen, Eero Vesterinen, Jussi Väänänen
Director of Photography Mika Tertsunen
Multi-Camera Director Taneli Haro
Sound Design Epa Tamminen
Music Recording Epa Tamminen, Petri Lehtola
Costume Design Heli Salomaa
Producer Paula Pitkänen
Executive Producer Marikki Hakola
Co-Producer StarHop Creative Ltd.
Production Company Kroma Productions Ltd.


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Marikki Hakola

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Paula Pitkänen

Producer, Manager of International Affairs
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